Jennifer Tull Westberg

Thank you for visiting my site!

I make jewelry because I love doing it and because it feels like what I am meant to do. Through my work, I endeavor to remain vital and creative and to channel inspiration into meaningful bits of wearable, material beauty.

I strive to design my pieces to be appropriate for all types of people, for all seasons and many situations. I also try to keep the price points varied and fair so that my jewelry can be accessible to anyone who really wants it. At the same time, it is important to me that all my pieces have lasting value.

I derive immense pleasure from designing, fabricating, finishing and promoting my jewelry. It is truly a labor of love and nothing makes me feel better than seeing or learning of someone happily wearing my work. I adore when people send me pictures of themselves or loved ones wearing my pieces, so THANK YOU to all that have done so and thanks to all who have bought my jewelry and thus encouraged my journey forward. I am eternally grateful!

You can view and purchase my current jewelry lines via my online shop or my Etsy Shop. I also regularly post new items on my Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr pages (see links at top of the page) so please feel free to "like" or follow me there.

Please click above image to see "galleries" of custom and past archived work.