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A close up of my husband, the extraordinary guitar player, Norman Westberg's right hand. He wears these rings I made for him all the time. Each one was given to him on a special occasion. 2 as love/good luck tokens before long tours, one in honor of our precious daughter's birth (he is an extra amazing dad) and one most recently on our 10th wedding anniversary (he's also a wonderful husband).

Overall, Norman has more than a dozen rings that I have made for him over the years and he changes the ones he wears on his middle finger frequently. The 4 in this picture though he wears every day. Usually the only ring he wears on his left (fretting) hand is his wedding ring (which I also made). He is my original muse :)

Norman Westberg's rings. #normanwestberg #swans #rings
Norman's rings.
sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, 20k red gold, blue/green & white diamonds